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Oxford Handbook of Cardiology


Preis: 44,99 €
NLM-Kategorie: WG Kardiovaskuläres System
Beschreibung: Authors: Robert C Tasker, Robert J McClure, and Carlo L Acerini. The Oxford Handbook of Paediatrics provides a compact guide to all aspects of acute and chronic paediatrics. The handbook's team of specialist contributors and editors has successfully condensed many years of clinical experience into a compendium of clinical problems and treatment options. Taking a 'child-centered' approach to the subject, the authors have provided comprehensive coverage of areas such as neonatology, surgery, genetics and congenital malformations and child protection in a user-friendly and succinct style. Sections are also devoted to covering the treatment of children in the community, and the psychological effects of illness on both the child and their family.
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