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loDicom Viewer


Preis: 9,99 €
NLM-Kategorie: WN Radiologie
Beschreibung: loDicom Viewer for iPad is an application to view 2D medical images in DICOM format. You can manage all your DICOM files through the use of a simple file manager, such as: create new folder, cut, copy & paste file, rename a file or folder, delete a file or folder. You can also store your DICOM files in a relational database, then you can retrieve them easily through the use of certain search filters. These are: Patient ID, Patient Name, Patient Birth Date, Study ID, Study Modality, Study Date From and Study Date To. It can open image bigger of 1024x1024. Compatible with all modalities (US, CT, MR, NM, XA, CR, PX etc.). Open medical images in DICOM format. Open images in common graphic formats (JPEG, PNG, BMP).
Offline-Nutzung möglich:ja
Installiert auf Bib-iPads:ja
iTunes: http://itunes.apple.com/de/app/lodicom-viewer/id435701295
Anbieter/Support: http://lodicomviewer.lodevelop.it/support.html