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iEye Retina


Preis: 0,79 €
NLM-Kategorie: WW Augenheilkunde
Beschreibung: iEye Retina is an application that teaches you how to recognize abnormal retinas with an ophthalmoscope. Without a doubt, the images contained in iEye Retina’s library will be seen in clinic. The abnormal retinas are presented in a rapid quiz format and are organized according to clinical relevance and which will be encountered most frequently. For each image, you have the option to highlight key findings that make retinal pathologies distinguishable. iEye Retina also includes options to create custom quizzes and to see specific images from the collection.
Offline-Nutzung möglich:ja
Installiert auf Bib-iPads:ja
iTunes: http://itunes.apple.com/de/app/ieye-retina/id435981288
Anbieter/Support: http://www.alangardner.net/applications/ieye-retina