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Easy PCR


Preis: 0,79 €
NLM-Kategorie: QH Biologie und Genetik
Beschreibung: Easy PCR is a app for people working with polymerase chain reactions (PCR). Having as a starting point a Stock Solutions with predefined concentrations for each component and having as target a Master Mix (PCR Mix) solution with a desired concentration for each component. The app is designed to work with different stock solutions available on the market from different suppliers. Value changes on the fields will be remembered each timeEasy PCR open.
Offline-Nutzung möglich:ja
Installiert auf Bib-iPads:ja
iTunes: http://itunes.apple.com/de/app/easy-pcr/id352993232
Anbieter/Support: http://www.fabiomssilva.com/apps/easypcr/